Wonderful World ver0.55 Update

HS sky burning occurred early
P Night funer sword, eating judgment reduced, starting to embark jumping tool invincibility
K night funer sword, occurred soon
Hissatsu no Yoru funer sword, invincible attributes impersonator, reduced attack determination
Hissatsu Higashiyaki, occurred late, so that the invincible time expires before the attack judgment occurred
Throw stiff reduction

Ground blue line, hit rigidity increase
Stun trap, duration increase
Spark field, increase in frame up to occurrence guarantee, changed so that only one can be installed on stage
Thunder spread, command change (236236 + S → 236236 + P)

Changing to clean hit by pushing HS during timing during throwing motion
Tinder strike, attack judgment, eating judgment reduction
Flame image, direction key change attack method
5P occurrence slower
2K rigidity increase
Distant S rigidity increase
2S rigidity increase
HS stiff reduction
Inferno rigidity increase, change to passive incapability, enable SB
Tinder strike, rush speed decrease
Heat prison, increase in generation speed

Distant S rigidity increase
JP Sustained decrease
Rapid Edge, Attack Power Reduction
K Tempest Honeymoon, appearance position adjustment
2S rigidity increase
HS stiff reduction
Fairy dance Increase attack power

Addition of aerial Blade gast
Seal breaker addition
Absolute area, as soon as it disappears with the main body hit, so that it can not be used while it is already out
Requiem heel, so that it can not be used while already out
Blade Gast, occurred quickly
Punishment, enemy time increase of jumps

Thunder God Law, slowdown, rigidity increase
Increase expression delay formula formula

Herzlin rigidity increase
Howling Beast, Occurring Quickly
Bad end, increased attack power

Add moisture cosmetics
Chain route adjustment
Flexure K occurrence rate slow
Hell return, Attack judgment adjustment
Change of wind wheel hit effect
Susanna SB point added
Spiral, increase in generation rate
Change the shield of the blade to distinguish between the upper and lower rows, change to prevent the technique of grab attribute

Air jacket! Stiff reduction after hit
Great Tenchu! Occurs slowly
Fly away! , SB point change, fixed attack power ratio reduction
Do not come! , SB point added
I got angry! Increased invincible time of jumps

Add a mid-air high jump
Flip cutter addition
JP, air guard rigidity increase
JK, air guard rigid increase
JS, increased guard stiffness,
JHS, air guard rigid increase
Hover dash, increased inactivity time, trajectory adjustment
Steel, change at SB to increase gauge, rigidity reduction
S Demon King, orbit adjustment
HS demon kill explosion speed increase, judgment sustained increase
Dodge with Hirari, change orbit
Bash, increase in advance distance
Kicking brilliantly, increasing the receding distance when hit
Early kick occurrence brilliantly, rush speed decrease

2K occurred late
2S occurred late
Saint's tomb, stiff increase
Road of the dead, increase in generation speed, decrease in rigidity, addition of fixed damage
Sword dance, stiff reduction
K occurred early
HS stiff reduction
Moment attack late

Add slash anchor
Changes on the ground P, K to be air guard possible
2P rigidity increase
Near S stiffness reduction
Distant S stiff reduction
JHS occurred late
Crash emblem, power increase, occurrence late, stiff increase
Gaia strike, first stage sustained decrease, rigidity increase
Raging pressure, SB point adjustment, occurred late
Ascension drive, increased reach, increase in passive inactivity time at back hit
Hypercomet, stiffness reduction at hit

Hard hit rigidity increase
Rippling water current, moving distance increase
Shoot out blue, during launch, so that it can not be reused
Rain of grinning, occurring quickly, sustained, so that it can not be reused
Crystal sword, power reduction, gauge increase decrease
Aerial water spear method, middle judgment deletion, body retreat distance decrease
Disturbance freezing, rush splash point addition

New character "Friede" added
Overall attack determination, adjustment of defense judgment
Change skill gauge to carry over between rounds
Stop the Fatal Switch Delete the effect
Fatal switch, stiff reduction rate changed to weak -5 F, middle-10 F, strong -13 F
Add thrown omission
Add an aerial throw
Jump transition frame increase
Landing stiff reduction
Altitude limit adjustment of air dash, increase in inactivity time
Multi-step jump, dash jump Change to spatio-temporal guard possible
Change the amount of damage so that it can be visually recognized by the strength bar
Delete invincible foot of jump preliminary action
Changed to allow dashing even if you dive under the opponent when dashing
Change during cool time, so that fat switch, moment attack, force revival can not be used
HS passive landing stiffness increase
At the time of tremo, change to prevent display before the round
Fixing phenomenon that it will be broken when trying to advance or retreat at the foot of the opponent at the time of net fighting


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Jul 13, 2017

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